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    A C H A
    Worldmusic Ensemble

    Optreden - Op het HaSchiBa Festival ACHA consists of six artists who each feel at home like a fish in their own musical water: on top of that they feel equally comfortable swimming happily along in other musical waters. Turkish, Spanish, Indian and western musical influences are thus ingeniously united into a very distinctive, solid sound. Well-built and well-finished compositions, full of virtuoso instrumental introductions, impressive singing, passionate solos and subtly embellished musical themes. This is not surprising, since ACHA houses a reputable group of musicians: Turkish-Kurdish singer and soprano-saxophonist Tanar Catalpinar is well-known as the previous frontman of East Meets West. Tanar is assisted by Nahim Avci, a master-virtuoso saz-player from Turkey. The Spanish influence is contributed by Benito Ouwendijk, an inspired flamenco-guitarist who studied with Paco Pena. Ashok Pathak, born to a Northern Indian family who have produces traditional musicians since seven centuries, plays the sitar and the tabla. Alice van den Boogaard on bass-guitar and Iranian Siavach Yazdanifar with oriental percussion provide a solid foundation for the music.
    ACHA, more than a sum of parts!